Window Cleaning/Screens & Eavestroughs

Tired of your dirty windows? Can’t leave your patio door open in the evening because your screen is broken? Your eavestroughs are overflowing.

Let us help you!

We are your local professional window cleaning company. We specialize in window cleaning: residential, light commercial, tracks and eavestrough cleaning. We also specialize in screen repairs and replacement (doors and windows).

With over 8 years of experience we have developed into highly professional individuals. Our

objective is to strive for excellence as we hand wash each and every window and do not leave

the job site until the customer is completely satisfied. By the time we are done, your windows and screens will look as good as new and your neighbours will surely be jealous. During window cleaning we take the opportunity to inspect any damage on the roof or any cracks around the windows and troughs – potentially saving you from property damage that can cost you thousands of dollars!

We have special rates for local businesses so take advantage of our low prices to show your customers that you care about cleanliness. It will show that your business is booming and will definitely bring in a bigger crowd. And the best part is that it will cost you close to nothing!

Please contact us for a free quote.